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DPC - Direct Primary Care - brings medicine back to the basics and allows it to be practiced in a way that truly permits the physician to spend time getting to know their patients and restores the doctor-patient relationship by putting patients first.
No insurance needed.
No fee-for-service payments.
No third party billing.

2. Is this the same thing as health insurance?

A DPC medical practice membership is like having life insurance while you are living. Most aspects of your health care are covered with a DPC medical practice membership. However, it is NOT the same thing as health insurance. No more rushed health insurance 7-15 minute visits. No more waiting in the waiting room for over 30 minutes to see your Doctor. No more not being able to get refills until you can see your Doctor. No more not being able to get an appointment when you are sick and really need to see your Doctor. No more going to the emergency room to get refills because you cannot get an appointment with your Doctor.
As your DPC medical practice Physician, I am able to spend whatever time you need as my patient, which is typically 30-60 minutes. I form a team relationship with each patient, focus on your health concerns and really delve deep to find the root cause of issues, reverse chronic conditions and maximize overall health using a completely holistic approach.

3. Why do we have to pay a monthly membership fee?

A DPC medical practice is like having a gym membership. When you go to the gym, you pay a monthly gym membership so that you can have access to all of the services and amenities that the gym offers. A DPC medical practice works the very same way. Members pay a monthly DPC medical practice membership fee to have access to their physician whenever they need them.
The monthly DPC medical practice membership fee allows me to provide all of my patients with the absolute best care possible.
You may choose to pay your one year DPC medical practice membership up front at a 5% savings or we can set up monthly re-occurring payments as a monthly bank draft.

4. I don't go to the doctor that often. Why would I need a membership?

You do not need a doctor only when you are sick. A DPC medical practice membership gives you a trusted physician who knows you well and will advocate for your best health.
I will place an emphasis on preventative and holistic health and will help you manage little problems before they become bigger problems. I do not just place an emphasis on treating disease, but rather on optimizing wellness. You will have a physician that you can contact via text, phone, email, video chat, and in person which means that your wellness will always be prioritized and you will be less likely to have a health issue sneak up on you.

5. What if I get admitted to the hospital?

As a Doctor who has been a hospital doctor, I know that medicine has changed. In the past, when a patient needed to be admitted into the hospital, their doctor, who saw them in the doctor’s office, also saw them in the hospital. This is typically no longer the case.
As your DPC medical practice physician, my goal is to keep you out of the emergency room and keep you from being admitted to the hospital.
However, should your condition be serious enough to warrant an hospital visit, my goal would be to help be a liaison to the hospital team and make sure that your hospital physician has all of the information needed to make the best decisions for you. This is why I highly recommend our members obtain at least a high-deductible catastrophic health insurance plan to cover all high cost health needs like hospitalization. Medical cost sharing programs may also be a good option for high cost health needs as well.
I will touch base with your Hospital Physician team over the course of your inpatient stay and advocate for your best health and outcomes in this setting. By doing this, we keep up with how your health has been while in the hospital and it makes it easier for us to provide follow-up care and get you back on the road to maximum health as soon as possible. When the hospital team suggests that you follow up with your PCP, you will be ready to follow up with your DPC without delay.

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